Jewelry Insurance Claims and Jewelry Replacement

Our Commitment To You

No-one really wants to talk about the heartbreaking process of losing and replacing a treasured piece from your collection. The unfortunate truth, however, is that loss and damage do occasionally occur.

Harling’s has a history of helping our customers through the insurance process, from initial valuation all the way through to restoration and replacement. Yes, you can expect that we know the procedures and paperwork inside and out but, more importantly, we have your peace of mind as our primary concern.

How it works

We are a team of expert jewelry consultants, diamond brokers, design experts and insurance replacement consultants who know our particular fields of expertise like no-one else in Vancouver. As part of the community, we’re also deeply committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

When you work with Harling’s, your consultation will be conducted in a private office with a dedicated jewelry consultant. We discuss your options and provide a wealth of experience to help you reach the best decision. Every member of the quotation division on our team has a minimum of six years’ insurance quotation and replacement experience.

Why choose Harlings?

What makes our team special is that they have chosen the jewelry and insurance replacement industries as their careers, have a deep love of jewelry and real sense of being part of a family here at Harling’s in Vancouver.

Harling’s Jewellers enjoys trusted, established relationships working directly with all the Insurance companies across Canada. This long-standing bond between us and our most trusted partners across broker, adjustors and claims managers alike, results in a seamless working relationship where they will send your claim directly to us and allow us to replace your jewelry with no hassle or fuss. Our work within the insurance industry began the day we opened for business in 1964. It’s truly part of our business heritage.

We have clients everywhere in Canada from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island and from shore farther afield. No distance is too far for us to extend our expert insurance services and we also deliver replacement pieces with no shipping charges and often to your door in person. At Harling’s, we strive to create the best experience possible, especially while dealing with the hardship of losing your precious items. The best approach is to work with someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and ensure your collection is restored as quickly, completely, and painlessly as possible.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable experts directly 1-866-687-1955 to discuss your situation.


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