Jewelry Redesign and Custom Jewelry

Do you have a piece you love and wish to alter? Or have you been dreaming of the perfect piece, but have not been able to find it?

We know that a piece of jewelry can only be right if it is exactly right for you. That is why we work with the most talented designers who are dedicated to making you a custom one-of-a-kind treasure. If you have vintage jewelry that needs a fresh look, a cherished piece that needs some added luster, or you want to design something from scratch, we can make your dream become a reality.

Want to revamp a vintage piece? We can evaluate your old jewelry and stones to help give them a new life in the creation of something you have envisioned. Or we can offer you scrap credit for unusable materials.  

One of our dedicated designers will guide you through the process of creating your custom piece from start to finish. First, see your idea come to life in a wax mold, allowing you to see it tangibly. Then, the wax will be sent for casting, finishing, and polishing, your new piece is then completed with a complementary appraisal and photo.

To make a custom design appointment contact us

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