Harling’s Jewellers Presents The TACORI Loves Canada At Par Promotion

Harling’s Jewellers is pleased to announce its participation in the new Tacori Loves Canada At Par Promotion!  From now until the end of December 2019, Canadians save the exchange rate and only pay the US pricing.

Woman's hands folded wearing TACORI jewelry and rings by TACORI.

A Family Tradition

Handcrafted by highly skilled and specialized artisans, each Tacori jewelry piece has been created to meet the highest standards in quality and beauty. The downtown Los Angeles district is home to the 25,000 sq. ft. Tacori studio space and offices.

Gilda Tacorian’s father was a jeweler and passed his love for the trade down to his daughter and son-in-law, who have passed it along to their two children. Jewelry is a Tacorian family love affair.

Since it’s humble roots in 1979, the Tacori brand has grown into one of the most highly regarded and sought after jewelry brands. Being featured on The Bachelorette and worn by many celebrities has significantly increased company awareness. Tacori jewelry is prized for its flawless quality and innovative craftsmanship.

Signature Crescent Design

The signature Tacori crescent design was first created in 1998 and has since become an integral part of Tacori jewelry. This hidden symbol of love represents the top section of the heart and can be found incorporated into every Tacori Classic Crescent piece. Another beautiful element in their design can be seen in the individual crescent placed near the base of the foundation of the ring.

Tacori diamond rings featured on a white background alongside promotional text for the Tacori Loves Canada campaign.

Once In A Lifetime Savings For Your Once In A Lifetime Moment

For a limited time, you can own one of these unique handcrafted designs at the same price as the US by taking advantage of the at par pricing promotion. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal, visit our downtown Vancouver location to view and try on some stunning Tacori designs or shop online now.

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