Harling’s Jewellers Presents The LOVE TACORI Jewelry Giveaway

Tacori Jewlery and diamond rings displayed on a blue and white background.

Harling’s Jewellers is excited to present the LOVE TACORI promotion and giveaway. We want all TACORI lovers to enter for the chance to win one of five $20,000 USD prizes of beautiful TACORI jewelry. One amazingly lucky winner will be picked per month from July to December 2019.

TACORI History

Haig & Gilda Tacorian created Tacori in 1979, out of a downtown Los Angeles jewelry district shop. All Tacori pieces are handcrafted in California by specialized artisans. 

In 2003, Tacori wedding band designs were featured on The Bachelorette and awareness of the company rose. With increased demand came an increase in space, and Tacori moved to their own 25,000 sq. ft. studio space in Los Angeles.

Today, Tacori is one of the most popular jewelry brands in America and is a favourite of many celebrities such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and many more. They are prized for their impeccable quality, and innovative designs.

Unique Crescent Design

The signature crescent silhouette was created in 1998 with a commission from Garo Kourounian. The original engagement ring had a series of heart shapes around the inner face of the band, whose gently arched curves evolved and became what is now a unique design element.

Do You Love Tacori?

To enter this amazing opportunity, visit Harling’s Jewellers in downtown Vancouver from July 15th to December 31st. Experience our Tacori jewelry try-on station where you can model 7 different iconic hand-selected styles that we love. Fall head over heels with the signature Tacori crescent design and their timeless styles, then follow the text prompts to enter.


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