Specially-Priced Tacori 'Works of Art' with Hand-Picked Harling's Diamonds

Specially-Priced Tacori 'Works of Art' with Hand-Picked Harling's Diamonds

What’s even better than a signature crescent Tacori setting? A gorgeous Tacori jewellery piece set with a Harling’s diamond!

Harling’s Jewellers is pleased to present a selection of Tacori ring settings complete with exquisite diamonds handpicked by our in-house jewelry professionals. These unique pieces offer great value with special pricing on Harling’s diamonds.

Tacori 'Works of Art' with Hand-Picked Harling's Diamonds

Tacori jewelry pieces are well-known and sought after for their intricate designs and exquisite details. Every Tacori engagement ring and wedding band are carefully handcrafted and expertly set with hand-picked Harling’s diamonds. Our jewellery experts use a specific 7-step process which ensures that each piece is unique and perfect in every way.

1. Design

Before a Tacori ring becomes a reality, it is designed on paper in the Design Studio of Tacori’s Head Designer. This is where the signature Tacori Crescent Silhouette begins.

2. CAD Lab

Tacori uses CAD software to create a 3D preview of each jewelry piece which allows them to create those intricate details and ensure each proportion and angle is absolutely perfect. 

3. Wax Prototype Lab

After creating and perfecting the 3D ring design, the designs are sent to the Rapid Prototype Machine that can create a 180° wax prototype. 

4. Alchemy

Inside the Alchemy Room, wax moulds are transformed into precious Tacori rings. 

5. Tacori’s Artisan Workshop

This is where the magic really happens. Each Tacori engagement ring, wedding band or fine jewelry piece is meticulously hand-crafted using time-honoured techniques by jewelry artisans.

6. Diamond and Gem Setting

A limited number of beautiful Tacori bands have been set with exquisite, hand-picked Harling’s diamonds, set by professional artisans. Our expert crafters have chosen the most stunning diamonds to set into Tacori rings to create a complete ring package.

7. Quality Check

At Harling’s, each piece of jewelry we design must meet or exceed our expectations before we make them available in our shop. This ensures your jewelry piece will stand the test of time and you’ll cherish it for years to come.

Tacori Jewelry + Harling’s Diamonds = Incredible Savings

This beautiful blend of Tacori settings combined with Harling’s diamonds is limited in quantity. These exclusive rings are only available in limited ring sizes, so don’t wait to save or you might miss out! Visit us at our downtown Vancouver location to enjoy the unparalleled Harling’s customer service experience, relax while you sip on wine and try on these unique pieces or tour our extensive showroom.

Enjoy the unique beauty of Tacori with the stunning symmetry of a Harling’s diamond - View the collection or book an appointment today and ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive offer.

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