Introducing The Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire Collection

Brand new to Hearts On Fire comes their much-anticipated collaboration with wedding dress designer Hayley Paige. This collection will combine Hearts On Fire’s highly prized diamonds with Paige’s whimsical on-trend aesthetic to create a collection that jewelry and fashion lovers alike can’t wait to see.

 Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire is home to the world's best-cut diamonds. A strict selection process combined with a proprietary cutting process guarantees high-quality diamonds with exceptional sparkle. This formula creates precise angles to enhance each stone’s physical qualities. 

Every gem selected to become a Hearts On Fire diamond is guaranteed conflict-free, and 100% compliant with the Kimberly Process. Sourced from around the world, their selection team travels to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Russia, and Canada to find the most beautiful diamonds available. 

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige’s start in the fashion industry was an internship with Nina Garcia at Elle Magazine, and continued with Jill Stewart creating ready-to-wear pieces. Today she is head designer of the much loved Blush and Hayley Paige collections.

Hand wearing Hayley Paige ring designs and on the right designer Hayley Page sketching out the designs.

Her style combines delicate details with a whimsical playfulness that elevates her bridal designs above the ordinary. Self-described as an ardent lover of all that sparkles, her shift from dress designer to jewelry was a surprise to no-one, but eagerly anticipated by all.

The Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire Collection

The Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire collection was inspired by her wedding dress designs and embodies their ethereal dreamy aesthetic. Created to be customized to your heart's desire, these rings can be stacked and combined in any number of ways.


In the Hayley Paige collection, Hearts On Fire combines pink sapphires with diamonds for the first time ever to create a perfect pop of colour. 

"Collaborating with Hearts On Fire [...] enables us to deliver to a new millennial and, soon, GenZ audience that demands a sense of inventiveness and conflict-free craftsmanship. This sparkling landscape is a visionary daydream-come-true for me." - Hayley Paige

Find It At Harling’s Jewellers In Vancouver

Harling’s Jewellers has been Vancouver’s Jewelry store of choice since 1964. Locals and celebrities alike love coming into our downtown Vancouver store for the Harling’s Experience. Let our expert team take you through our extensive showroom and answer any question you might think of, and a few you might not know to ask! The Hayley Paige collection is available to order online and to try on in-store today.

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